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Our Materials

We created the tulle layers which are hiding the knots in order to represent the sensitivity of women hiding their strength. The knots technique was inspired by the difficult path of immigrants and also by the necessity of a sustainable fashion, as we used all the scraps to create these knots. Everything is recycled and nothing is wasted. The knitting is also made of tulle scraps, which is a very delicate handmade detail that gives originality to our collection.

‘As a technologist and tailor of Diana Ever, I recommend with all my heart this collection. All the colours and fabrics are carefully chosen. The materials are from natural or recycled fibres, which gives a gentle sensation on the skin, the patterns are simple and loose and offer comfort to the wearer, and there is a very high quality of the manufacture.’ – Natalie Enachescu, technologist engineer.

Our small team is ready to offer customers unique clothes, suitable both for everyday life and for special occasions. We create all the measures to order.

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