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Diana Ever


Diana Ever was founded by the fashion designer Diana Manoela Varga in 2023. Diana was born in Romania, where she graduated in juridical science. She emigrated to Italy where she lived for around 10 years. During this time, she published a book ‘The Girl With The Grey Eyes’ about the lives of Romanian immigrants in the world, especially in Italy. She settled in the UK in 2017, where she graduated with a Bachelor of Art Honours first-class designer from Bedfordshire University in 2022.

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The love for social and ecological justice is reflected in her creations, each item is made from ecological and recyclable materials. Her work is a NO for fast fashion, work exploitation, waste and pollution.

‘Our goal as a small business is to create unique collections, with designs that are meant to last over time. The handmade details are carefully chosen, hiding a whole story behind the creation of the garment.’

Diana Varga

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